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Vishwakarma University is committed to creating a research culture and has approved research policies under three key heads. Faculty and staff members can apply for financial assistance (in the prescribed format) for their research endeavours.
Seed Money and Research Grant Policy

The University provides Seed Money required for generating preliminary results and ‘Proof of Concept’ for the shortlisted research proposals, which can then be submitted to Government and Non-Governmental organisations for further funding. The Policy has been instituted to support faculty members, staff, researchers, students, and other employees of the University undertaking in-house projects by providing financial assistance, thereby encouraging them to pursue high-quality research.

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Research Mobilization Policy

The University has set up a Research & Development Fund (R & D Fund) to take care of research activities that include but is not limited to:

  • Fees for research publications in conferences and/or journals
  • Expenses incurred on travelling, accommodation, and food during Conferences, Paper Presentations and/or Field Activities
  • Expenses incurred by stakeholders attending Training, Workshops, Seminars and Short-term Training Programmes (STTP)

The funds would be raised by contributions from consultancy projects and overhead charges sanctioned in research projects offered by the Government and Non-Governmental organisations.

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Research Promotion Policy

The University provides financial assistance to all the stakeholders, including but not limited to faculty members, researchers, students, and other employees for undertaking various initiatives, including but not limited to:

  • Faculty Deputation for Training, Workshops, Seminars and Short-term Training Programmes (STTP)
  • Financial Support for Publication
  • Mobilisation of Resources

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Consultancy Policy

The consultancy Policy provides a framework for enabling the faculty and staff of Vishwakarma University to engage in consultancy assignments. The policy provides guidelines for distributing the consultancy amount received after deducting all the expenses.

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