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Sr. No. Faculty Name of the Patent Names of Inventors Unique Patent Number Status Patent Application Number Patent Number
1 Science and Technology Vertical Sewage Treatment Plant VU + Wilo VUIQUBE/21/P/1001 Granted 202121043909 434249
2 Science and Technology The Modified Aerobic Reactor in Vertical Sewage Treatment Plant VU + Wilo VUIQUBE/21/P/1002 Published 202121043910
3 Science and Technology The Novel Anaerobic System in Vertical Sewage Treatment Plant VU + Wilo VUIQUBE/21/P/1003 Published 202121043877
4 Science and Technology Freeze Concentration Technology in Vertical Sewage Treatment Plant VU + Wilo VUIQUBE/21/P/1004 Published 202121043907
5 Science and Technology A Method of Optimization to Minimize Combined Volume of Aerobic and Anaerobic Reactor VU + Wilo VUIQUBE/21/P/1005 Published 202121044823
6 Science and Technology Design of miniaturized Energy Harvester for Human Shoe Application Prof. Dr. Satpute VUIQUBE/21/P/1006 Published 202221003245
7 Science and Technology A Potable Water Treatment and Dispensing System VU + Wilo VUIQUBE/22/P/1009 Published 202221032498
8 Science and Technology A Syatem For Coolimng and Heating Water in a aHousehold Water Purification and Dispensing System VU + Wilo VUIQUBE/22/P/1010 Published 202221032499
9 Science and Technology An Automated Implantable Cardiac Monitoring Device For Detecting Arrhythmia Dr. Bharti Ainapure VUIQUBE/22/P/1013 Published 202221032500
10 Science and Technology An Automated Accident Prevention System Ms. Sonali Bhutad and Kailas Patil VUIQUBE/23/P/1011 Published 202321038925
11 Science and Technology "Drawpic: Distributed Read Write Management For Containerization Using Peer To Peer Methodology
" Dr. Bharati Ainapure VUIQUBE/23/P/1014 Filed 202321038924
12 Science and Technology An Automatic Footpeg With An Opening/Pulling Out And Closing Pulling Back In Mechanism Samyak Jain, Dr. Kailas Patil and Sandip Kulkarni VUIQUBE/23/P/1008 Filed 202321004567
13 Pharmacy "Influence Of Factorial Design On Novel Composition Of Nano Lipid Carriers (Nlcs) For The Treatment Of High Blood Pressure And The Process Thereof" Om Bagade and Students VUIQUBE/23/P/ Filed 202321060446
14 Pharmacy Innovative Work Of Art For The Treatment Of Cholesterol And Triglycerides And The Process Thereof Om Bagade and Students VUIQUBE/23/P/ Filed 202321060447
15 Pharmacy Cosmetic Skin Glowing And Anti-Photoaging Composition Made Up Of Rudraksha Extract And Butterfly Pea Extract Showing Synergistic Activity Dr. Swati Mutha VUIQUBE/23/P/ Filed 202321058439

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