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Year: 2019

Sr. No. Title of paper Name of the author/s Department of Teacher Name of journal Year of publication ISSN Number Link to website of the Journal Link to article/paper /abstract of the article Is it listed in UGC Care List/Scopus/Web of Science /other, mention
1 An astute assistive device for mobility and object recognition for visually impaired people Meshram,Vidula V; Patil,Kailas; Meshram,Vishal A; Shu,Felix Che Computer Engineering IEEE Transactions on Human-Machine Systems 2019 2168-2291 Click Here Click Here Web of Science
2 Kinetics studies on the adsorption of Methyl Orange and Metanil Yellow onto bottom ash: a comparative account Malviya,Arti; Jaspal,Dipika Kaur; Khamparia,Shraddha Water, Sanitation & Hygiene Water Science and Technology 2019 1996-9732 Click Here Click Here Web of Science
3 Study of a power function as a two parametric basic probability distribution Siddiqui,Sabir Ali; Siddiqui,Irfan; Jain,Sanjay; Wahid,Nazia; Alam,Masood; Dwedi,Shradha Mathematics & Statistics International Journal of Agricultural and Statistical Sciences 2019 0973-1903 Click Here Click Here Web of Science
4 Investigation of the role of chromium reductase for Cr (VI) reduction by Pseudomonas species isolated from Cr (VI) contaminated effluent Wani, Parvaze Ahmad; Wahid, Shazia; Khan, Mohd Sajjad Ahmad; Rafi, Nusrat; Wahid, Nazia Mathematics & Statistics Biotechnology Research and Innovation 2019 2452-0721 Click Here Click Here UGC-CARE-1
5 Implemetation of Mechanical Motion Amplifier in Hybrid Shock Absorber with Linear Generator and Fluid Damper Satpute,Nitin; Kudachi,Badal; Maikulal,Jugulkar Lalitkumar; Mashilkar,Bipin; Mali,Abhijeet R Mechanical Engineering 2019 International Conference on Nascent Technologies in Engineering (ICNTE) 2019 Click Here Click Here
6 Analysis of internet gateway placement problem in heterogeneous wireless networks for machine to machine communication Patil, Suvarna; Gokhale, Prasad; Bhende, Manisha; Computer Engineering 2019 International Conference on Smart Systems and Inventive Technology (ICSSIT) 2019 Click Here Click Here
7 Embedding Affect Awareness into Online Learning Environment using Deep Neural Network Rathi, Snehal R; Deshpande, Yogesh D Computer Engineering 2019 5th International Conference on Computing, Communication, Control and Automation (ICCUBEA) 2019 Click Here Click Here
8 Analysis of dataset in private cloud for cloud forensics using eucalyptus and hadoop Patil, Mayur S; Ainapure, Bharati Computer Engineering 2019 International Conference on Smart Systems and Inventive Technology (ICSSIT) 2019 Click Here Click Here
9 A Review and Forestalling Road Accidents using Machine Learning Chitnis, Sudhir; Gokhale, Prasad; Deshpande, Neha; Kale, Vaishali; Patil, Swati; Shaligram, Arvind; Jain, Manali; Oswal, Khushboo; Raut, Harshada Computer Engineering International Journal of Research and Analytical Reviews 2019 2348-1269 Click Here Click Here
10 The Association of Temperature and Rainfall with Dengue Incidence in India: Statistical Analysis Reshma, Pise Computer Engineering Journal of Emerging Technologies and Innovative Research 2019 2349-5162 Click Here Click Here
11 A Study of Yoga Tourism with Reference to Select Places in Maharashtra Kamthe, Atul; Lahoti, Yuvraj Management Community Involvement in Tourism Development In Emerging Countries 2019

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