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“Design Optimization of oil bath in C-arm type X-Ray Machine” with Philips India Pvt. Ltd.

Solving real industry problems leads to the addition of vital scientific conclusions to the existing pool of knowledge. One of the projects created by the Vishwakarma University, Pune is to enhance the capabilities of an already existing system with diverse constraints.

X-Ray Machines related to the conceived project are used for heart surgeries and are required to be operated continuously for a duration of about 15 to 40 min. The present X-Ray Machines (C-Arm type) are using an arm oil bath with a cooling arrangement that ensures continuous operation with a maximum power rating at about 22min. There is a need to improve the present cooling arrangement to improve this aspect.

The problem of oil bath design optimization has been solved by two approaches namely increasing working time and reducing the oil bath mass. The approach for design optimization is to use an alternate cooling medium with higher heat absorption capacity.

The project work involves the use of PCM for heat storage, nanotechnology to improve thermal properties, heat transfer analysis and experimental investigation to validate the use of PCM and nanoparticles.

Prof. Nitin V Satpute, Prof. Dhananjay Bhatkhande
Prof. Shriniwas Chippalkatti, Prof. Sonali Botkar, Prof Mrunmai Ranade

“Vertical Sewage Treatment Plant” with WILO Mather and Platt Pumps Pvt. Ltd. Pune, India

To deliver clean water to society in the areas with limited land availability, Vishwakarma University collaborated with Wilo Mather and Platt Pumps Private Limited, Pune, India to jointly conceptualize and develop a Vertical Sewage Treatment Plant (VSTP) to generate potable water. The capacity of the plant is 10,000 litres of water per day. The project will be completed in three phases. The project started in 2019. The stages included ideation of VSTP Technology, Conceptualization of the VSTP, Designing of Individual Components, System Design, and Configuration, Installation of VSTP in Campus, Patent, Investigation, Testing, Validation, Simulation, and modelling. Five faculty members and students from Science and Technology were engaged in this project. The VSTP was installed at the VU campus. The operational controlled environment testing at the Technology Readiness Level 5 was completed at VU.

Prof. Dhananjay Bhatkhande – VU and Mr. Umesh Kulkarni - Wilo
Dr. Shraddha Khamparia – VU, Prof. Pranav Dhaneshwer – VU, Prof. Sandip Kulkarni – VU, Mr Sachin Munawali -Wilo

“Oxygen Generator”

During COVID-19 spread, there was the demand of oxygen concentrator machines. This need was more severe particularly for patients with serious illnesses. During the difficult time of COVID-19 severity, there were many deaths reported due to lack of oxygen concentrator. The cost of the present machines (for 8 lpm) is in the order of 30,000 - 70,000 INR, which is beyond the reach of common people.

Apart from COVID-19 Pandemic, oxygen concentrators are being used by Sportsperson, patients with weak lungs and residents of polluted locations.

The conceived project is motivated to develop an indigenous project for oxygen concentrators which will have a price tag of around 10,000 – 15,000 INR.

Prof. Siddharth Jabade and Prof. Dhananjay Bhatkhande
Prof. Nitin Satpute, Prof. Srinivas Chippalkatti, Prof. Jagadish Tawade, Prof. Sonali Botkar

VU Seed Money
Dr. Poonam Inamdar (PI) Mr. Makarand Puri (Co-PI) Design of mixed ligand Samarium (III) complexes based on heterocyclic backbone for various biological studies Dec 2021 – May 2022 Rs. 1.00 Lakh

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