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Name of the Faculty : Dr. Nitin Satpute
Designation : Professor
E-mail : nitin.satpute@vupune.ac.in
Faculty : Science and Technology
Department : Mechanical Engineering
LinkedIn : https://www.linkedin.com/in/nitinsatpute123
Google Scholar URL : https://scholar.google.com/citations?authuser=1&user=nEgkxUkAAAAJ
ResearchGate : -
Research Area : Vibration, Energy Harvesting, Dynamics
Research Summary :
Dr. Stapute’s research is based on Implementing novel and efficient solutions for low-frequency vibration energy harvesting. Although vibration energy harvesting has been implemented mainly to ensure battery/cable-free operation for small sensors, there is wider scope for improving weight to power ratio and broadband energy recovery of these systems. Innovative features in the published research include detailed mathematical modelling, better fail-safe characteristics and improved efficiency for the given vibration spectrum. Computer simulations and experimental investigation to implement non- linear damping systems to overcome the limitation of passive vibration isolators to have a very low natural frequency in comparison to the operating frequency. Numerical simulation supported with experimentation on reduced scale prototypes to evaluate the performance. Different sensors like LVDT, accelerometer, rotary encoder and load cells have been used to measure the system parameters. I have found computer-based time and frequency-based data acquisition and analysis to be extremely supportive in the design and analysis of the energy harvesters. Externally sponsored research projects include application of nanoparticles and phase change material, Semi-active torsional based on MR fluid and development of adsorption-based oxygen generators for health care use.

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